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QuoteMedia Fund Research Data

Funds Overview

QuoteMedia Fund Research (QMFR) division provides a comprehensive database offering detailed insight into U.S. and Canadian Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and other fund investment products.

The QMFR database supports over 88,000 share classes including access to Fund Returns, Daily Net Asset Values (NAVs), Allocation and Holdings, Risk Statistics, Benchmarks, Investment Objectives, Distributions, Documents (fund filings & prospectus), Fund Events (mergers, liquidations, name changes, cross-reference changes and classification changes), Historical Data and more.

Our quantitative approach methodology evaluates all funds in our entire database and applies a QMFR Fund Category and Fund Score. Funds are placed into Fund Categories based on their fund objectives, investment style and holdings. A Fund Score is given on Funds based on the following rating parameters: Performance, NAV Return, Sortino, Sharpe Ratio, Treynor, Alpha, Beta and Expense Ratio.

Data Delivery Schedule

Data Update Schedule

Net Asset Values (NAVs) are updated daily with the exception of those fund companies that update weekly or monthly.

Fund Research Data and calculated field values such as management fees, management expense ratio, assets, etc, are updated monthly or as fund companies release updates so if the fund updates daily, then we update daily.

Data Delivery Methods

QMFR Fund Data
  • Daily NAV
  • Fund Fundamentals
  • Top 10 Holdings
  • Top 25 Holdings
  • All Holdings
QMod Widgets
  • Fully Responsive, Mobile Ready
  • Embedded directly in your website or applications
  • Fully customizable, font, color, and layout
Rest APIs
  • The response to the request is an XML/JSON document containing the data
Bulk File Delivery
  • Bulk data available by request in a csv format for ETFs, Mutual Funds, or Money Market Funds for US and Canada

QMFR Data is sourced directly from fund houses or through regulatory filings

From Fund houses

Daily and monthly files directly from fund houses.

Regulatory Websites

Data Collection from the SEC and SEDAR Websites, including Periodic as well as One-off Events such as New Fund Launches, Fund Mergers & Liquidation, etc.

The files used in our Data Collection include the following
Semi Annual Report
Semi Annual Report
Fund Data/Updates for a period of 6 Months
Annual Report
Annual Report
Fund Data/Updates for a period of 12 Months
Prospectus/Summary Prospectus
Prospectus/Summary Prospectus
Comprises of One-time Fund Information
Fact Sheets
Fact Sheets
Monthly Statistical Highlights for the Fund
Regulatory Filings
Regulatory Filings
SEC and SEDAR filings
Quarterly Commentary
Quarterly Commentary
Fund Updates for the Previous 3 Months

Contact Us

We would love to discuss QuoteMedia Data Solutions with you. If you have any questions or you would like a demo, please reach out to us. We look forward to meeting you.